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10 Years Of Experience!
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Control Panel

Our web based control panel is fully featured which helps you to reach your customers irrespective of time and place. It is easy to use control panel with user friendly UI Necessary information is available into the panel i.e. sender's mobile number, message, date and time of message. For every keyword and sub keywords you can manage your reply message. Real time reports downloading in excel format is available with the panel.

Auto Reply SMS

Auto reply message will be delivered to every incoming SMS received from the sender's mobile number, which can be customized as per the need of user.


Complete documentation of API with following features Secured, Fully Controlled and managed Webhook which is available in the panel.

Unlimited sub keywords

Creation of unlimited sub keywords is also available and you can manage different auto reply for every sub keywords for e.g. if XYZ is your main keyword then you can create sub keywords like XYZ P1, XYZ P2, XYZ P3.

Email Alert

Email alerts help you to contact directly with your customers without access to your control panel irrespective of location and time. Our email alerts contain complete report about subscriber like mobile number, date and time of subscription, message content.

SMS Alert

Message alert immediately on your mobile number helps you to interact with your customers from anywhere irrespective of work place. Our SMS alert contains the mobile number and message of subscriber so that you can immediately call to user.

Live Report

Reports will be updated in real time and the same is applicable for webhook users also so that they can also get the benefit of real time reporting system. Download reports for daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, annually or for customized date range in excel format. Separate download of reports for main keyword as well as sub keywords.

2-Way SMS

Receive message on the shortcode, capture the same into inbox and a reply SMS will deliver to users. In this way you can create a 2 way communication system with users.